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The Roman army is the generic term for the terrestrial armed forces deployed by thekingdom of Rome to ca. 500 BC the Roman Republic 5003 BC the Roman Empire 3 BC AD 476 and its successor the Byzantine empire 476 453 .

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The Roman Republic Latin Rs pblica Rmna res publka romana was the era ofclassical Roman civilization led by the Roman people beginning with the overthrow ofthe Roman Kingdom traditionally dated to 509 BC and ending in 27 BC with the

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Legionary The heavy infantry that was the basic military force of the ancient Romanarmy in the period of the late Roman Republic and the early Roman Empire. Magistermilitum High ranked commander in the late Roman Empire. Equivalent of a general.

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Our main sources on Roman military equipment come from artistic depictions militarydocuments other literature and surviving archaeological artefacts. The Imperial periodpresents us with the largest amount of surviving material. The standard weapons of the

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The Roman legions The Roman Empire was created and controlled by its soldiers. At thecore of the army were its legions which were without equal in their training disciplineand fighting ability.

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Recruitment of Soldiers for the Roman Army . The Roman army changed over time. Theconsuls had the power to recruit troops but in the last years of the Republicprovincial governors were replacing troops without the approval of the consuls. This led

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The military engineering of Ancient Rome 39s armed forces was of a scale and frequencyfar beyond that of any of its contemporaries. Indeed military engineering was in manyways institutionally endemic in Roman military culture as demonstrated by the fact that

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Roman military equipment cf. Roman military personal equipment particularly armor wasmore withstanding and far more ubiquitous especially in the late Republican and EarlyImperial era than that of most of their opponents. Soldiers equipped with shields

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The Roman cavalry sometimes referred to as Equites were the cavalry contingent of theRoman army and were made up of the republics wealthiest citizens. These cavalrymen alsohad the added benefit of only being required to serve ten years in the military rather

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The most worthy match for the Roman legionnaires in the Punic Wars the Carthaginianheavy infantry armed themselves and fought according to Roman military doctrine. Thiswas no coincidence everything about Roman equipment boasted refinement and efficiency.

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The Marian reforms of 07 BC were a group of military reforms initiated by Gaius Mariusa statesman and general of the Roman republic. Plutarch When war threatened theconsuls of the day would be charged with the duty of recruiting an army from the eligible

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The Roman army of the midRepublic also called the manipular Roman army or the Polybianarmy refers to the armed forces deployed by the midRoman Republic from the end of theSamnite Wars 290 BC to the end of the Social War 88 BC . The first phase of this army

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PreMarian military. In the late republic the army became an instrument for successfulinternational warfare due to the reforms of one of Rome 39s greatest generals GaiusMarius a man admired and imitated by Julius Caesar.His changes were so critical to the

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Its important to remember that we do not have access to the designs of Roman militaryequipment. What we know is based on what we find and what written accounts andillustrations have survived the nearly 2000 years since the Empire fell. It is a partial

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This new armor made a Roman army exponentially cheaper and quicker to equip withoutsacrificing the protection of chain mail. Centurion. Centurions fought with the sameweapons as the legionnaires they led. However centurions bore two pieces of equipment

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The Roman army remained a temporary militia and the census recorded those citizens withsufficient property to make them eligible to serve. To share the burden of militaryservice no man was obliged to serve for more than 6 campaigns or years.

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Specifically designed for the ancient Roman military the caligae were boots with heavyand thick soles and hobnails. These were issued by the decree throughout Roman Republicand Empire and interestingly the design was same for all the ranks of soldiers. Made of

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The origins of the Roman army are obscure but it was perhaps based on the Etruscan orGreek model. I particularly find that there is a great similarity between the Romanlegion from Latin legio and the Greek hoplites.. Among the Roman tactics the most

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NB Over the centuries the Roman army changed and developed and conditions oftendiffered somewhat depending on the provinces where the troops were fighting andstationed. The following information is intended to give a generic picture of military

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Narrowing our research down to the flourishing times brought on by Augustus Caesar alsoknown as Octavian or Octavius we are able to select a time period that the Romanmilitary underwent some rapid transitions. Augustuss rise to power over Marc Antony

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Roman Military Equipment Back to Mainpage Roman Military Mainpage Roman MilitaryEquipment. Roman Offensive Weapons The Dagger / Pugio see also sections forSword/Gladius/Spatha Sword Belt / Cingulum / Balteus Lance / Spear / Pilum and in the

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Roman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome 2nd edition by M.C.Bishop and J.C. Coulston The authors of this book have gathered a wealth of evidence fromall over the Roman Empire 39s excavated examples as well as pictorial and documentary

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A Roman legion was the basic military unit of the ancient Roman army in the period of thelate Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.It was roughly equivalent to the modern worddivision.In the plural the legions it may mean the entire Roman army. A legion was

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From the moment its last king was expelled traditionally in 753 the Roman republic hadto fight for its very survival. Centuries of almost continuous warfare saw Rome 39sarmies evolve in response to a wide variety of threats which were met with mixe

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In the early days of the Roman Republic military tactics were influenced by the methodsused by the successful Greek Army.The combat formation used by the Greeks and Romans wascalled the phalanx. This involved the soldiers standing side by side in ranks.

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Jun 2 20 7 Explore Mark Graef 39s board quotRoman spearheads arrowheads glandes sling bullets quot on Pinterest. See more ideas about Roman Military equipmentArrowheads.

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The socii / s o i a / in English quotalliesquot were the autonomous tribesand citystates of the Italian Peninsula in permanent military alliance with the RomanRepublic until the Social War of 9 88 BC. After this conflict all Rome 39s peninsular

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Suffice it to say the series of reforms credibly improved the prowess of the Romanmilitary machine especially with the adoption of standardized equipment and training ofmost ranks of soldiers. Simply put by the end of this epoch the Roman legions were far

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Early Roman army c. 500 BC to c. 300 BC The early Roman army was the armed force of theRoman Kingdom and of the early Roman Republic.During this period when warfare chieflyconsisted of smallscale plundering raids it has been suggested that the army followed

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In this section we will explore the Roman army the impact strategies and equipmentfrom the Republic through the fall of the Empire. Details including foundationplacement and important campaigns of the individual Roman Legions important battles on

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Subscribe to Naked Science 2000 years ago the Roman army is thebest equipped army in the world. While architects have mastered the ar

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The Roman army of the late Republic refers to the armed forces deployed by the late RomanRepublic from the beginning of the first century B.C. until the establishment of theImperial Roman army by Augustus in 30 B.C. . Shaped by major social political and

The Roman Navy Life in the Roman Empire

Model of a Roman bireme. While it is the Roman legion that leaps to mind when discussingRomes military might the navy also played a vital role during the later Republic andearly Empire. The Roman Navy before the Empire The early Romans were not a seafaring

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Roman military personal equipment was produced in small numbers to established patternsand it was used in an established manner. These standard patterns and uses were calledthe res militaris or disciplina.Its regular practice during the Roman Republic and Roman

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The ancient Roman army was known for its sheer discipline and incredible organizationaldepth. Pertaining to the latter quality an animated short video by Blair Harroweraptly demonstrates how the Romans organized their army down to the last details when it

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The growth of the Roman Republic and the advent and expansion of the Roman Empire weregreatly dependent on Rome 39s military might. For centuries the Roman army was the mostfearsome fighting force on the western hemisphere eventually bringing most of Europe

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Roman Weapons. One of the Romans most recognizable weapons is their strong short swordthe Gladius. The Gladius is a short sword that was often used in Spain. During the SecondPunic Wars Roman General Scipio Africanus liked the sword and began implementing its use

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