will police search my bag on greyhound

Can the police search your bag during a stop and search .

I do A Level law and when learning about police powers we were told that under Section Police and Criminal Evidence Act 984 PACE 3984 the police can only remove outerclothing and are unable to conduct a voluntary search to search bags and personal

Willows Law Call for Victorian greyhound leash laws to .

A Caulfield South family forced to stump up 8000 for letting their pet greyhound roamfree at a popular offleash dog park has vowed to keep fighting against the outdated andunfair law. And the

Do they check for drugs on Greyhound buses Quora

Yep. Ive been on a bus when someone was pulled off for drugs. They used dogs to findthem. After it happened the driver told us it happens fairly often. He described asituation where a woman in a previous route he had driven got busted carrying

Greyhound Bus Passenger Searches Police Forums and Law .

The case stems from a 999 drug bust on a Greyhound bus in Tallahassee Florida. Threelocal police officers boarded the bus bound for Detroit Michigan in search of illegaldrugs or weapons. The officers were dressed in plain clothes. One officer stood at the

Greyhound.ca Baggage Information

Greyhound will acknowledge claim in writing within 30 days of receipt. For a completesummary of baggage rules or for more information see your local Greyhoundrepresentative. If your baggage is missing report this to a Greyhound representative

YourRightsRulesonBoard Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines Inc. PO Box 6603620362 Dallas TX 752660362 If your English islimitedthat 39s ok We want to make sure all our customers have proper access toGreyhound services information and benefits. So if your English is limited well do

does greyhound search you/bags Grasscity Forums The .

I have been riding greyhound for years since my early teens never been searched before.However I was leaving the terminal in Ontario and they were searching carry on. Mydumbass packed my empty bowl in my backpack and I forgot about it. They also took my

Does greyhound search you Yahoo Answers

Greyhound DOES search your bags at major stations. I 39ve seen them do it. They 39vedone it to my bags. Sometimes the TSA is there with canines. They won 39t pat you downso you could sneak alcohol through but for God 39s sake DON 39T DO IT Sheri you

Police powers Shopping bags searched and ban on fishing .

Police powers Shopping bags searched and ban on fishing as scope of new laws emergesDraconian powers have been used too aggressively by some forces while confusion reignsover police approach to

Police and DEA Searches Aboard Amtrak Trains The Atlantic

He asked to search my backpack and I consented. He did not care at all about my otherbags. For most of the 52 hour train ride those bags were unattended and out of sight butlargely available to

Ask The Festival Lawyer When Do Police Need a Search .

The issue of whether the police need a search warrant to search a particular festivallo ion your hotel room an RV tent etc. comes up a lot.In fact when I do theFestival Lawyer Know Your Rights workshops at festivals I always start with a general

Taking bud on Greyhound Rollitup

Police used a random drug interdiction program to stop a Greyhound bus near the downtownexit on U.S. Highway 78 about 230 p.m. Thursday. This week a 22yearold guy from NewYork was busted at a Greyhound Bus Station when cops found his stash in one of the

Man indicted after Amarillo police report finding cocaine .

AMARILLO Texas KFDA A grand jury indicted a man on federal charges after Amarillopolice say they found cocaine hidden inside his luggage on a Greyhound Bus. On July 24an Amarillo Police

Greyhound Tells Passengers With Missing Luggage To 39Get .

My brother went on a week long business trip traveling by Greyhound both ways. When hecame home he made the mistake of putting his bag with his laptop and a borrowed NintendoDS under the bus.

Police powers to stop and search your rights GOV.UK

The police can stop and question you at any time they can search you depending on thesituation. A police community support officer PCSO must be in uniform when they stopand question you. A

Do Greyhound buses search your bags The Pub Shroomery .

Do Greyhound buses search your bags 9576 2 02/03/ 0 0742 PM 0 years 8 daysago Edit Reply Quote Quick Reply Hi SWIM is going to be taking a Greyhound busin about 2 weeks and that person needs to bring some weed with them. I was wondering if

Why Is It Legal to Search Bags Without a Warrant

Ive been getting a lot of questions lately about the legality of searches conducted bypolice and airport screeners. For example Brett writes in to ask whether being stoppedat a police checkpoint constitutes an illegal search. Another reader Xin asks whether a

Police find a gun bullets and magazines on a Greyhound .

De ur An escapee from Alabama has been arrested by De ur Police. Reginald Murphy25 was traveling on a Greyhound Bus to Chicago. Police say they found a duffle bag witha gun bullets and

Baggage Greyhound

ID tags should include your name address and most importantly your telephone number sowe can contact you if we lo e your bag but can 39t find you. It 39s a good idea toput ID tags on the inside of your bags too as a backup. Every bag needs a tag. If youre

What if they want to search my bags on Amtrak Gullberg .

We know that police must follow proper procedure before during and after a search andseizure and we are prepared to scrutinize the situation to determine whether the policeviolated your rights. To speak with an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer call

Supreme Court Roundup Police May Search Bus Riders Minus .

The 6to3 decision reinstated the convictions of two men who allowed a police officer topat them down while their Greyhound bus was on a stopover in Tallahassee Fla. Both menhad packets of

Things You Should Know About How Greyhound Works .

But sometimes like when you need to get three people across the country and back whenyouve barely got 600 flying is not an option. So when you have to go Greyhound heresthe long answer on how it works. If you print your tickets at home leave them in the

Top 82 Greyhound Reviews ConsumerAffairs

The driver almost drove off with my cell phone on board. I call greyhound made a report.They gave me case number . I havent heard from anyone yet. I have traveled withgreyhound many times. I

When can the police search your home GroundUp

If the police officer who executed the search failed to meet the reasonable groundsrequirement the evidence obtained in the search will become inadmissible. Please do notethat possession of any of the substances listed in the Act as well as any plant or part

Police Searches in Australia Know Your Rights Go To .

In Australia police can only search your property or your person under certaincircumstances. These circumstances include when police have a search warrant or if theyhave the legal right to conduct a personal search. There are also other circumstances

Some passengers learn too late that Greyhound gives easy .

Some passengers learn too late that Greyhound gives easy access to law enforcement BorderPatrol sightings and drug cases give a glimpse into Greyhounds relationship with policeagencies

What is Greyhound 39s luggage policy Help Center

As long as there is room under the bus oversized luggage is allowed on Greyhound busesfor an extra fee. The fee varies depending on the size of your luggage and will be paiddirectly at the bus station upon checking in the bus. Greyhound defines

Does the Greyhound bus check your bags or do they have any .

I have traveled quite a lot of times in greyhound. I generally book my tickets online andcollect the tickets at the greyhound stop. They do ask for password while booking onlinebut I was never asked at the counter while collecting my ticket.

High Court Sides with Police on Bus Searches

The case stems from a 999 drug bust on a Greyhound bus in Tallahassee Florida. Threelocal police officers boarded the bus bound for Detroit Michigan in search of illegaldrugs or weapons. The officers were dressed in plain clothes. One officer stood at the

Searching Passengers and Their Belongings Nolo

Because no weapon could be concealed in the wallet the search of the wallet was arguablyillegal and the arrest based on it invalid. Body Searches Probable Cause Isnt Enough.Having probable cause to search a vehicle doesnt automatically give police the right to

Can Police Go Through Your Purse FreedomWorks

When she did she left her purse inside. When the police searched her vehicle they alsowent through her purse opening up an Advil container inside and finding illegal pills.She was convicted of two felonies for the drugs. She motioned for evidence dismissal on

Bomb threat cleared at Atlanta Greyhound station after .

Bomb threat cleared at Atlanta Greyhound station after threatening phone call suspiciousbag Police say they found only personal items in the suspicious bag. Author ChristopherBuchanan

When can the police search me Steps to Justice Your .

If the police ask you to remove your clothes voluntarily so that they can do a searchask to talk to a lawyer right away. You should never be asked to remove your clotheswhere a person of the opposite or the public can see you. A strip search should be

Does greyhound check your bags or your pants Grasscity .

unless you are crossing into canada/mexico they wont check your pockets/carry on I havetraveled Greyhound a lot and have never been searched by the Greyhound people butboarder guards are a different story. just put it in a backpack with some cloths and

Can police legally search your bag in a friends car after .

A search warrant is generally required but there are several valid exceptions to it. Oneis quotplain viewquot or quotplain smell.quot If the officer has a valid legalreason to pull your car over i.e. speeding and notice some illegal contraband in plain

Greyhound Bus Station Luggage Policy USA Today

Greyhound Lines limits its liability for damage to luggage to 250 for checked bags foreach adult ticket and 25 for each child 39s ticket. Oversized overweight oradditional bags are limited to

Greyhound Bus Baggage Policy

Greyhound PackageXpress will ship your luggage under Greyhound buses for destinationsacross North America. Fees are based on distance traveled and dimensions of your baggage.Greyhound bus customers who check more than two bags are able to contract with Greyhound

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