Military Uniform We Believe In Strong Quality

We Believe In Strong Quality

Clothing Factory, based in China, best military uniform suppliers since 2012. Clothing Factory has provided stellar performance in quality military uniform supply, while at the same time, being highly efficient. At Clothing Factory, we are ready to meet the challenges of uniforms supply. As one of the top 7 military uniform suppliers, our expertise allows us to consistently deliver high quality military uniforms on time.

If you are looking for best uniform suppliers that stand out among the crowd, with our 40 years of experience, our in-house production control system assists in managing the procurement, scheduling, manufacturing, quality, shipping and accounting activities. At Clothing Factory, our belief and understanding of a strong quality management system has made us the best uniform supplier over years.

Being one of the top 7 military uniform suppliers, we are highly dedicated to providing you the best range of uniforms supply, such as Army Uniforms, Battle Dress Uniforms, Military Dress Uniforms, Army Dress Uniform, and many more, with effective & timely delivery.

We Concentrate On Technology For Production Of High Functional Military Uniforms

Our uniforms are comfortable to wear, fade resistant, and attractive, and all these made us retain our position as one of the top 7 military uniform suppliers, and we thrive to be the first.

With long years of experience in the industry, we keep concentrating on developing technology for production of high functional military uniforms supply that meets customers’ needs. At Clothing Factory, our technical skills in manufacturing top quality military uniforms are well recognized throughout China, and the whole world. We believe, and we are dedicated to comfort, generosity and durability.

We Take Quality Control Seriously

If you are looking for best uniform suppliers that do not outsource, we are here. As the best uniform supplier, we do it all ourselves, we handle the production, packaging and dispatch from a quality-control point of view. Clothing Factory ensures close communication with the various government departments and other military uniform users, this goes a long way towards increasing levels of trust. We will provide our clients with nonstop uniform solutions, which are mutually beneficial.

We will adhere to sound business ethics, values and principles – to serve our clients with integrity. We will treat all our customers with respect and integrity, with the view of facilitating their personal development and establishing and maintaining long term relationships.

Military Uniform Professional Manufacturer

Military uniform is a standardized dress worn by members of the armed forces and paramilitaries of various nations.

Military uniforms differ according to not only military units but also the needs of different formality in accordance with western dress codes: official suit for formal wear, mess dress uniform for semi-formal wear, service dress uniform for informal wear, and combat uniform (also called as battle or field dress) which equals to casual wear.

Our Services

We offer our clients the best and the widest selections of services in the uniforms industry. We do this to guarantee that we are capable to meet your requirements, with the quickest turnaround times, better fits, the right material for each product, and more. Services include the following:

1.Custom Uniform Design

Over millions of successful custom uniforms designs and years of experience in standardized design, we strive as the best designer of corporate wears, we offer you a great deal of professional services ranging from our group of creative designers, quality manufacturing, best pricing, and all-round customer care services. We design custom team uniforms on various such as sportswear, industrial wears, corporate wear, health wears and lots more..

2.Uniform Customization

We are glad to design, make and implement printing and embroidery on all final products, from company logos to company corporate identity and graphics. Let us handle the uniform hassles and stresses, while you focus on the more important aspects of your business to increase productivity and revenue.

3.Custom Uniform Manufacturer

We are customized uniforms manufacturer, we provide our clients with series of services based on area of specializations or organisation such as schools, banks, corporate bodies, and nongovernmental organisations. Clothing Factory, being the best customized uniforms manufacturer, we understand in any corporate environment or organisation, staffs need to feel comfortable, smart and feel accept within such environment.

4.Sourcing Materials

We offer the most durable fabric in the industry. We ensure that each product will be more than capable of withstanding business and industry specific wear, tear and conditions. We can also source a variety of different materials to meet all industry regulations, fire safety considerations and many more. also we can copy any special fabric that might be available with you

5.Private Label Uniform Manufacturer

Clothing Factory, as one of the leading workwear manufacturers in the industry, and supplier of quality clothing material for children and adults (both men and women), we carry out series of manufacturing activities ranging from private label clothing, wholesale branding, customized sportswear among other varieties.

6.Wholesale Uniform Manufacturer

We are the quickest developing wholesale uniform suppliers, providing wholesale medical uniforms and wholesale school uniform, and meeting all the specialized determinations and keeping the high level of regard and good motivation as far as customer loyalty, dependability and experience to look for consistent advancements in delivering quality wholesales medical uniforms, and whole school uniforms are concerned.